Monday, March 17, 2014

I can't even really begin to express the emotions felt throughout this week!  Saturday was just a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the font was filled! 

Elder Bodily and Velda Davis and his companion

We turned it on hot water and filled it, but apparently it got cold after awhile.. but we didn't have an outburst like Trevor at his baptism. 

(Note from mom here:  When Kevin's younger brother, Trevor, entered the font for his baptism, it was cold and he chattered, "I CHANGED MY MIND!  I CHANGED MY MIND!"  He did go through with it, thankfully, but that will always be a family favorite story!)

But it was wonderful. Velda Davis is on her way to eternal life. She had us nervous on Friday.. We went over and she told us she had a bad dream.. she told us that she heard a voice tell her "don't do it, don't do it!" then she woke up.. But it didn't affect her.  She understood that it was Satan trying to stop her happiness. Then on Sunday for her confirmation, we had quite the crowd! It was wonderful! We had a record people there, for me. We had a couple nonmembers from a big part-member family come so that was good. We are working with one of them. He is really promising. Teaching will be hard, because he can't read or anything, but he knows the spirit when he feels it. The work is really progressing here, i love it. 

On Tuesday, we had district meeting, and then we went on trade-offs with the District Leader. Elder Lynch came to Cordele with me, and we got roped into a service project for our hispanic gator. That was quite the project, but the best part, I was finally able to get Chico to calm down for a picture.. this dog looks all nice and cute, but it could jump at least 5 feet in the air if it wanted.. Such a beautiful dog. 

Elder Bodily and Chico

Today is 11 months.. wha..?  i swear just last week was 10 months.. crazy.. oh and apparently its St. Patricks day? cool.. haha. 

Well, till next week y'all! Have a good one. I reckon that someday I will be able to express my emotions more fully in an email. maybe next year.. oh wait..  

Have a good week y'all. 
Elder Bodily

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