Tuesday, September 3, 2013

4 Months in Hinesville

Hey All!

Mom, tell Trevor i am working on his letter! this are busy so i dont have much time to sit down and write him a letter quite yet.  

And thank you Ivy, Greg and Teancum  for the package! it really brightened my day. Teancum could be a baby model. those cubby cheeks are so cute! haha. and the tie was wonderful! i ate the Peach-os right away so thats why in the picture there is no peach-os.. hahah 

This week was a slow one in the work, but we were out trying to talk to as many people as we could. No one was wanting Christ this week. but hey that happens.  

Saturday was one of the greatest and then a sad day for me.  

We had the baptisms of the 2 child of records. Jacob and Trinity. It was so amazing to see how happy they were. I really believe that they understood the eternal concept, even at such a young age.. it really is amazing. The service was good. it made me happy inside. i felt like a little kid. i felt bad for the youngsters though. the water heater didnt work too well.. so it was probably a tad bit cold.. but thats okay! 

And then when we got back to the house about 1330 (military time), we got the call from President Cottle.  I am being transferred to a new area!  i really have mixed emotions right now about it, but i understand that it is God's will.  I cant complain though. I was blessed beyond understanding here at Hinesville/FT Stewart. It really gave me a glimpse into the Army life.. I am still unsure about the future though. oh well! i still have 20 months to figure that out!

so yeah, Saturday and Sunday and part of today we are just running around saying bye to people and planning a prank on the Greenie my comp is getting here.  I was so blessed to start here. It is the largest and most expensive house in the mission.. except the mission home.. haha. but we wont tell sister cottle that.. 

Last week we got rained out before we started our journey to Savannah. so we went and played golf again. and we are probably doing that agian today! haha! I love it. it feels so good!  

(Nobody does golf styling quite like Kevin!)

Last night we went over to our 3rd home here. We did a slice of a Habenero and then a full Jalepeno. yeah.. i dont do spicy foods very well.. but hey, i held it down but i was on fire hahahaha. but it was so worth it.. the life of a missionary in Georgia.  


This morning the Bardwell's cooked breakfast. It was wonderful. kind of like crepes but not really.. oh it was good.. 

(The out-going and the in-coming missionary senior couples.  Bless their hearts for looking after these boys!)

i am attaching a bunch of Photos.. hopefully they all fit.. 

today we are playing volleyball with all the samoans, going golfing, and then i need to pack.. probably should do that... whoops.. 

i love you all! 
Elder Bodily

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