Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Week in Georgia

This week has been an amazing one. It all started with the Assistants giving us a referral they had talked to! They committed this lady to baptism and she lives in our area! we are excited to hopefully teach her.  Receiving that referral really made us think. If they can get us a date, why dont we get ourselves a date?! so that is what we did. we actually set 3 dates this week! one of them is hopefully going to get dunked next week. His name is Otisteen. He is an older gentleman, whose wife has been a member for a long time. we had a very spiritual meeting with him and with another member of the ward who went through hard times and changed his life and quit smoking 3 packs a day. so Brother Guynn shared his life story with him and had us all with a tear in our eye. We gave Otisteen a blessing that he may overcome the smoking habit. and then we committed him to a date. it was wonderful and humbling. 

another beautiful experience this week.  another lady we have a date with, Georgia, we set the date with her on tuesday. we went back on Saturday to teach her more. we didnt fully plan what we were going to teach, but we pulled up and Elder Cawley had a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, so we went with that.  We knock on the door and she lets us in and her daughter is listening in.  Her daughter is pregnant and was having contractions during the lesson and on the phone with the doctor at first.. it was very humbling. to be able to talk about The Plan with someone who is going to be having a daughter. she might have had it already or today,, i dunno. but anyways. To be able to feel the spirit when talking about her daughter is with Heavenly Father right now.. It was a different feeling i felt. i dont know how to explain it. It was different. 

i spent a lot of time cleaning the apartment this week. I dont know how missionaries have lived there for so long.. it was disgusting! mold growing all over the place.. After i did some cleaning, there is still a lot to do, the apartment felt different. it just felt cleaner. it was a good feeling. it is true what they say, that when things are clean and organized, you can feel the spirit stronger. what a shocker. haha. 

my closing thought for this week.. Alma 43:44. How in the world would Moroni know how dragons fight? It just makes me more sure that dragons did exist. I know the Book of Mormon to be true. so i have faith that there are/were dragons.   That is how faith works, right? :)

I love you all!   The ladybug is the only lady allowed in the house, and the sunsets are one of my favorite parts of the country. 

Elder Bodily

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