Monday, August 26, 2013

He's Excited!

I had written to Kevin about my start to school this year and the new experience of being part of a Dual Language Immersion program the includes 56 1st grade students and how I was exhausted after the first two days.  One student had said to me, "You're pretty!" on the first day, thus his comments about sucking up to teachers.  Also, I had sent him a picture of the "Call of Duty" cd that Trevor had ceremoniously broken so he wouldn't play it any more.

I'm not exhausted so ha! i win!  you have 56 students?! do they rotate at least?  that is crazy.. haha gotta love those students that suck up. thats the only reason i survived elemtary school... well school in general. hahah.  thats good trevor's team won their football game again on Saturday!  

Of course i got Trevor's letter! tell him thank you and i will be writing him one back here soon! 

your anniversary fell on a weekend! did you and dad go out to dinner? 14 more years and you guys will be married as long as the couple i am living with now! haha.  

oh that hurts my eyes to see what Trev did to Black Ops, but its okay, there will be newer and better games in 20 months haha. 

So this week has been a good one! We played basketball last monday for like 5 hours with a bunch a black kids at the gym on the army base.. yeah. big mistake hahaha. but it was so fun! i could hang with them for alittle bit haha. didnt help that we had to mow the lawn also! haha

we got our new military relations couple moved in on Friday. The Bardwell's from Roy! he spent like 38 years in the utah Army National Guard. They are so wonderful. I really hope i can stay here longer and be able to kindle a friendship with them. So yeah, we moved them in friday afternoon and then friday night they took us and the Butler's to Golden Coral. yeah they are already high on my good list. haha :) oh i downed like 6 full plates. it felt good! 

This week we went out with Brother Lent, in the bishopric. we met this wonderful 97 yr old lady. her and brother lent have known eachother for awhile! it was so humbling to just talk with her and get to know her. we are going to continue to go by and just let her talk, she loves visitors and loves Christ. im excited. 

last week we were approached by a guy in the ward saying his daughters 8th birthday was saturday. so we were going to have a child of record dunk but he messed up on it is actually this saturday! cool story, yesterday, i forgot to grab the form to fill out for the baptism. so i called elder bardwell cuz he was still at the house and he said he would bring one. well he ended up bringing 2! and so i thought, hey! maybe that is a sign.. sure enough, another lady in the ward came up to us and asked about what we needed to do to get her son dunked too! so we have 2 child of record baptisms on saturday! i am excited! 

this week was a good one. a really good friend of mine gave me some advice on like repentance and forgiveness and stress. it was, close your eyes and imagine yourself holding a box. now imagine you put all of your worries and everything inside that box and giving it to Christ. That is how simple life is. If we give it over to Christ, he will provide for us!

i love you all! We are off to Savannah to do the historical Tour of it all! be jealous! 

Love, Elder Bodily

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