Monday, September 9, 2013

New Address

hey yall, 

First off, tell Trevor is haircut looks amazing and that his letter is on the way! where is geno's haircutting place at? and second off i didnt tell you where i was going, but thats becasue i didnt know! that is how this mission works! Its all a surprise!  But hey, the Lord has blessed me with a companion who i already knew from the old FJM mission! Elder Cawley! Since we already knew eachother and are buddies, the transition has been smooth. we have a lot in common! He is a great worker and has been out a little over a year. i am going to learn a lot from him!  

I have been transferred to a small ish town called Americus! The church is small here, but the members are so strong. On average, we have about 40 or so members come to church. The Branch President is Pres. Cooper. He is a great man, strong in the gospel.  I really am excited to work with him and help progress the work here. 
Really not too much happened this first week. we got a referrel for a man who lived quite a ways away. So we decided to go contact him. His name was Clayton. he lives on a country road out in the middle of nowhere. it really was a cool feeling to be finally driving though country roads. the cotton was starting to pop so it was beautiful. we talk with the 19 yr old Clayton and his dad and mom for a bit but not too much about the gospel. we could tell they werent too interested but we became their friends and talked about practically everything haha. It was really cool. On our way back to Americus, we went through Plains, Georgia. The home of Jimmy Carter.. we couldnt resist so we took a stop and looked around haha. That town and a lot of history. we shopped in the little stores right there, and drove around taking pictures. We didnt catch Jimmy Carter this time, and we missed him teaching sunday school on sunday at the church, but thats okay. we had a better service on sunday.

my first week here i got to speak. it was a different feeling. i wasnt nervous at all. maybe because the pulpit was on the ground and not raised above everyone. i think thats why i always feel nervous when i speak, cuz it seems like im above people, when i know i know less about the gospel than a lot of people, but it was a wonderful feeling i felt when speaking. 

in priesthood, one of the members said something that made me get a weird feeling.. He said something along the lines of,  If your bishop or stake president calls you in the middle of the night, and tells you to get your temple clothes and head to the temple as quick as you can, what are you going to do?  It really made me think.  Yeah, things still need to happen before the Second Coming, but that feeling i felt on sunday was a different one. It made me really miss the temple right now. its hard because there isnt one in the mission :( 

oh well..  i have attached a bunch of photos from this past week!  i didnt get any pictures about it, but we live on the campus of a college! Georgia Southwestern University.  Its pretty chill.

my new address is as follows for anyone!

Elder Bodily
948 Anthony Drive, Apt. C-2
Americus GA 31709

I love you all!
Elder Bodily

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