Monday, July 1, 2013

Officially GMM! and this week.. 4th of july on a military base!

It is now July 1st, which means i am officially in a new mission. its kind of a weird feeling. they landed thursday afternoon so technically President Cottle was in charge of the Savannah Zone as of then. its going to be fun.  On Wednesday we have our Meet The President Conference up in Savannah. That is going to be exciting to see the Cottles! ah!  but friday i was actually able to talk to President Cottle on the phone. but it was probably not the best first meeting. for me it was fine. but for my companion.. not so good.. we were coming back from switching back to our companions after a trade off we did with the district leader and his companion. so we were coming back. and there is a point in the road where it goes from a 55 mph zone to a 45, at the top of a traintracks hill.. yeah.. my companion was going about 70.. and a sheriff was there.. you can guess from there. but! the details you will never expect. My companion is from california and they have a law that says they can not just sign off on a ticket in georgia. they have to pay the cash bond right then. we knew we were burst cinnamon toast. the cop said the ticket would be $734!!!! uhh... we were kinda freaking out. the cop gave us a little bit to make some phone calls. we said a prayer and then called the military relations couple we live with. they were a ways away, but they made the sacrifice to help us out. we also had to call president cottle. yeah.. welcome to the GMM.. haha. so long story, a little shorter, my companion got to ride in the sheriffs car to the county jail and we were separated for 2 hours while i went with the MR couple to get money. they paid it in full. of course my comp is going to pay them back.  but yeah.. the first meeting with president cottle will be fun :)   of course this experience put a damper on me and elder meiling. we still tried to push through it.  of course now i am the designated driver :) this 2011 corolla is nothing like the Audi.. i miss my baby.

yesterday, we had the baptism of a 10 yr old boy, D'Angelo Phillips. His family has been inactive for a long time, they were a "DO NOT CONTACT" as of february but they are active again and the dad baptized his son! it was so special to see.  i will try to get the picture from the dads phone and send it next week. 

we had a crazy rain storm come through yesterday after church. we were visiting with Nate and we were outside and the skies were covered in white clouds. we go inside to read the BoM and then we hear a big boom and thunder rolling. we go outside and it is just a flash flood pretty much. so much rain. it was amazing. 

anyways, a really amazing experience this week. it was wednesday and we were supposed to have District Meeting but it got changed to thursday. as we were sitting at the house, we got a call from a number we didnt recognize. we answered it and it was a lady that is visiting her friends family down here and was at church on sunday. they family is really less active. she is needed a priesthood blessing badly. so we told her to meet us at the churchhouse. we told elder blau about it and him and his wife got in their car and met us at the church. we talked with her for a bit to get to know her a little more. she is from alpine utah and has a mission call waiting for her! the family she is staying with, she just cant feel the spirit in the house and it is weighing her down.  it was a good talk before and then we asked her who she would like to give the blessing. she said as she pointed to me, "I feel like you should do it." i was like, okay. it was very humbling to have that spirit in the room. we asked her full name.. and then it kindof set in. the spirit really knows what he is doing. her last name is Lamoureaux. UH! thats in our family tree. so somehow, somewhere we are related. it was really amazing. the scripture in d&c where it talks about the body shaking because it is full of the spirit.. yeah it came to life in me. it was amazing.. i dont even know how to describe it. i know that, that blessing and her calling on me was inspired and it strengthened both of us. it was so humbling.

other than all that, this week has been a normal week in the mission field. i am excited for this week!! 4th of July on a Military Base.. HOORAH! no clue what we are going to do yet though. we will see. 

me and elder meiling got our hair cut this morning by elder blau. i was tired of the whiteman fro and trying to get it to stay so i told him to really just cut it short. but not too short. it feels good to have short hair. i cant remember a time when i had it somewhat short. haha

i love you all!
elder bodily

The hair on the floor . . .

the missionary now . . .

and a beautiful rainstorm in Georgia!

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