Monday, July 15, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain . . .

this week was very uneventful. kinda. 

apparently there is a tropical storm moving through and so we have been getting rain for the past week everyday. it has kind of put a damper on the work but thats okay.  

we were doing these things called District Blitz's. where the elders and sister in our district all get together and work in one area for the afternoon. it was a good experience to get out and see other areas. when we were all in hinesville i went with our district leader in a ghetto apartment complex area. it was pretty funny. we would talk to some people at one building and they would send us to the other one and we'd say oh they sent us over here cuz they thought you might be interested and then some crude comments were made about the other building and all but it was pretty funny. we did get a bunch of people that were interested in Christ's church once again restored to the earth. everyone understands that there is a lot of churches but dont understand why. and thats why we are there. to help them understand! its perfect! we met a lot of people that were wanting that knowledge and hopefully we are going to be able to see them this week.  we were also able to help progress the work up in poorer and southside savannah. it was really fun. 

other than all that, the week was uneventful. with the members and the work being practically on the Military base, we have heard practically all the world news so i am caught up.. i am dumbfounded at the celtics right now.. and also the zimmerman case.  the world is falling apart. that is for sure. and obama is going to try zimmerman on federal charges? not just state level? crazy.. i love being near the military base. i feel safe. 

anyways, church news! i can now wear khakis! so i would enjoy it if i got those in the mail, along with my nice black jacket thats in my clothes box! that would be greately appreciated :) 

this saturday is trainer/transfer calls. so this is the last full week i have with Elder Meiling. Maybe.. he has been in hinesville since february.. president cottle said that that would most likely change. so next week i most likely will have a new companion. but we arent going to slow down this week. gotta push to the end.

have a blessed week.

elder bodily

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