Monday, July 22, 2013

Transfer Week

Hey everyone 

So this has been another week that has flown by. Im not quite sure what i did this week! but thats okay! i know one thing, my family does love me finally. i finally got a package ;)  but we planned to try and stay busy this week. We knew we had transfer calls on saturday, but we knew what would be the outcome. 

but this week was fun. there is a new video game that everyone is playing called the Last of Us. it is another zombie type game. but it seems pretty cool. but we were at a members house talking with him and he randomly said, "Did you know that the Salt Lake Temple is in that game?" we were like, what?!?! thats awesome. so he just had to show us, ya know? but it was really cool. and this past week we went tracting areas that we hadnt been to before. and we were passing out cards with the SLC temple on it.. so who knows. maybe that video game will get someone interested in the gospel! we'll see!

we visited our less active friend Todd this week. It was different. he saw us pull up, met us on the porch and said come on in, its too hot out side. oh man it was. it was right after a rain storm. so the temperature rose like 10 degrees. so it was like 98 with 100 humidity.. he is a great man. he is open to talking. but he is stubborn about forgiveness. he feels wronged by the way some members of his ex-wifes family treated him and how other members of the church treated him when he first joined. it is hard on him. he doesnt feel like he can go back to church.. i was about to do something not missionary like cuz i was kindof getting frustrated with him. but i relaxed. the spirit was so strong in the house though. its hard to know that he just isnt willing to lean on the atonement of Jesus Christ and make that first step in coming back to church.. 

so on saturday we were invited to go to the gym with our member/brother out here, Russ. he has two friends that arent members, but they kind of ask questions. and so we all went to the gym on saturday. we worked out for a bit and then we did MMA stuff. a bunch of different things. it was pretty sweet. it was a good work out. my body is pretty sore. but while we were at the gym, we got "THE PHONE CALL". so we went out in the hallway and talked to President Cottle.

Elder Meiling is being transfered and im staying in Hinesville. i am not training, but i will be the one who knows the area so it will be fun!  Tomorrow, we have to go to Macon to the transfer meeting. that is where we find out where elder meiling is going and also who my next comp is. its exciting to know i could get anyone. i dont know anyone in this mission practically! except for my zone. 

Yesterday, In sacrament meeting, the old bishop spoke. he was diagnosed with throat cancer a little while ago. he told the story of how the doctor told him that devistating news and yet, Bishop Hearon and his wife werent really phased. they went home and prayed together and then made phone calls around to doctors to attack it aggressively. the doctor that told him the news, called him the next day and had to make sure that they understood what he said. and they did, with kind of a chuckle. it was really neat to hear the story. he said that the attitude we face physical aliments should be the same attitude when we face satan and sin.  he also said a couple other stories about the treatment and all. one thing he said stood out to me. well a couple. that in times of struggle or anything, if you reach your hand out to your spouse or someone, the spirit will automatically be there and everything seems a little bit easier. It opens the doorway for the Spirit to enter.  he also said that if we open our hearts to God, he will bless us and reward us beyond what we would expect. 

well, time is running short and we have a lot to do today to prepare for elder meiling to get transfered and a new missionary to come to this area.. oh this is going to be fun :) 

again, im sure there are things i have forgotten to write, but get used to it. :)

Elder Bodily

Here are some photos that Elder Bodily sent ~ obviously he still has his sense of humor!

Proof that we sent him a package . . .
some of the items we sent . . . (you can never have too much TP or chocolate chip cookies!)
Trevor actually sent him a hand-wrtitten letter!  

Yes, he's pleased these are available again!
My Georgian Son!

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