Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July in Georgia

As i am sitting here trying to think of what has happened this week that i could email about, nothing comes to mind. Just kidding! This week has been another week in the mission field. i am looking over my journal to see what i should write about.. haha. that is one thing i have been doing good at. is writing a full page in my journal every night. maybe one day the things i write will help someone or even help me.. 

it is so good to hear about the 4th of july in lewiston. i sure did miss it. though me and elder meiling woke up and were able to cook up bacon and eggs. so ah! i didnt feel too left out. but no golf for me this year. sure did see a lot of people out golfing though. we found a golf ball in our backyard.. dont ask me how. we have a 7 foot fence that goes along the tee box, but still. they would have to take a 10 yard chip shot with a driver.. some people.. 

but this week was pretty exciting. we have been able to talk to more people about the gospel. slowly people are opening their hearts to us.  it feels so good when they are wanting to learn more. we have had a few opportunities to talk with someone and just give them a book of mormon and they take it and say they will read it.. i know its not always the truth, but hey, it gets my hopes up!  one of them was with Cedric. He is our friend that is retired Military that fishes whenever he was free time. except on sundays. he recognizes that his life has changed since the last couple months when he started going back to church. we went over and again we talked about fishing and his boat and that for a good hour and then i asked a simple question of what he believes in with his church. it was really good experience to hear that he really believes in christ and the KJV of the bible. sigh of relief there. but we are excited. and maybe, when we get him interested in our church, he might just be inclined to take us fishing.. ya never know. kinda reminds me of Grandpa Harold and all of his fishing stuff. 

last week was 4th of July. big whoop. just kidding. it was really amazing to be near the largest military base east of the mississippi. even though we as missionaries had to be in the house by 7:00 p.m., we could still hear the fireworks and all. the really special experience was how Sunday the 30th, a lot of soldiers returned from deployment in afghanistan. and Sunday just barely, being testimony meeting was extra special. to see these men who risk their lives for this country, to get up there and express appreciation for the ward. it was so humbling to hear their testimonies. they expressed feelings of being able to finally stand in front of members and bear their testimony for the first time in 9 months, and also to be able to take the sacrament for the first time, in as many months.  it really stuck it to my heart how special something is that we are able to take every week. 

This last week we finally had our Meet the President conference. it was so fun! President and Sister Cottle are so excited to be here. Its special to have someone that has another close connection with home :) Sister Cottle held back so hard from hugging me. oh well! she said she might have to break it when i go home :)  but i am excited with how the mission changed. its going to be fun serving in Georgia my whole mission! Which reminds me. are they going to be able to switch my plaque at church or get me another one? :) cuz technically i did serve in both missions.. 

im sure i am missing a whole bunch of things. i will attach photos to the email i send to my mother and she will post them to wherever she posts stuff.

thank you for your support!
I love you all.

Elder Bodily

The extent of his firework celebration.

He's happy for his companion who actually gets packages from home!
Will someone, anyone, PLEASE send this poor boy a package???

Nate - an investigator

Marc Schiermeyer - a member that lives on the military base
and who texts Elder Bodily's mom when necessary!
Boys being boys . . .

Marc's fiance, Angie

Southern food?
A big Georgia welcome to President and Sister Cottle!  

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