Tuesday, June 25, 2013

His last week in the Florida Jacksonville Mission

Howdy Y'all

(..still doesnt have a ring to it yet.)
Its weird to think that i have been in the Florida Jacksonville Mission field for 9 weeks now and have been in Georgia all but 1 day of that. and now i will be in the Georgia Macon Mission for the next 2 years! i am so excited. this is the last week in the FJM. I am kind of nervous because i dont know hardly anyone that is going to be in the mission because of all my MTC buds that are still in the FJM. but thats okay. the new friendships will last eternities also. im like a little kid on christmas waiting for the new mission. 

i hope all is well back home. sad to hear about the yaris :( it can take a beating. if it is totaled, well time to fix up the FLOWER JEEP!! yes!! 
This week has been a lot better. It is amazing to feel Gods love for us when we are humble enough to ask for help and guidance. This last week we have started this thing in our zone where one companionship fasts for the day for the whole zone. it is such a simple thing but also it is a great tool. the small sacrifice brings great rewards. this week we were able to give a middle 20's college student a book of mormon and get him to read and pray about it. we are excited about where that goes. we have also been able to find a couple of other potential gators. we are going to follow up this week.
this past week i was writing in my journal and i was throwing a little stress reliever football in the air. it stirred my memory of when times were simpler and easier and happier back when i was a little kid. i sure do miss those days when i had beautiful blonde hair.  but then i was brought back to now and my feelings were still somewhat the same. these next two years are the happiest times of my life. or they will be at least. i cant let anything pull me down. 
funny experience this week. i dont remember which night it was but i slept deep. one of the best nights sleep i have had. but apparently i am able to sleep talk now. and tell my companion to read scriptures that dont even exist! Elder Meiling told me in the morning laughing, he said that it was around 3 ish and he couldnt sleep. but i asked him hey you up? and he said yeah. and then i said, Meiling!! read Helaman 11:41!  i told him that a couple times.. in the morning i looked.. yeah it doesnt exist.. whoops. but hey jack, thats okay!  
this week, it was relatively cool temperatures. it was only like 80 every day. it made the days slow down a little bit and i was able to focus on the spirit a lot more. one night we got home and i actually had time to look up at the sky and see the full moon coming behind the clouds and everything. it was beautiful. i miss being able to just relax and watch nature. except for cockroaches. i wouldnt mind not seeing those again. 
After church on sunday, we were approached by a family that we have been visiting with. they were married in the temple a while ago and then moved around because of the military. and while they were in Korea, the wife was called racial terms and offended. she is a mix of samoan and something else. idk. but anyways. they went inactive for a long time. and just since february they have been slowly coming back. it is really amazing to see the change. the father has become active in elders quorum and the family is doing great, but the father approached us and told us that his son, DeAngelo is going to get baptized on sunday!! we were like, ah yeah!! the father is going to do it. its going to be special. so this week, we are working out details for that! we are excited!
Last night at the World Wide Leadership Broadcast, it was very special. the focus was on getting the members and the ward counsel involved. it was very strong and moving. especially to think about that could be the last time we hear and see President Packer speak and teach us. He is amazing.  

anyways, till next month! hehe.. I love you all!
Elder Bodily

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