Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Mission Assignment

This past week has been crazy. I guess there was a tropical storm/hurricane that went through? yeah,, no warning on our phone or anything. we kept working though. a little rain isnt going to stop the work. even when we are meeting with our regular, Messan, and he walks a half mile to meet with us and we are obedient and cant give him a ride, so we pop out the umbrellas and walk him home. yeah, we were soaked haha. oh well.  that was earlier this week. and yesterday we had a freak storm come through. it rolled in out of nowhere. again, no warning. we were meeting with a recent convert Nate. luckily we were in his house. well apartment complex. it was fun haha. 

earlier this week we were driving around and we saw a man trying to pull down a tree with a wakeboarding handle and then a chain rope or something. it was funny. so we hopped out and helped him. he recognized us as church people right away. so we helped him take that tree out and we talked for an hour. his name is henry and he is from puerto rico. for some reason, the people of the south trust us and they just open up. i dont quite understand yet.. but he told us his life story.  when he met his gf at the time, he was about to leave to basic training, and then he came back and they got married. he told us, i have forgotten details but he had a lot of money saved up and he bought his family a new fridge and a new tractor and all, a lot of money he said. and then when he asked for 2500 bucks for the marriage the parents argued and demanded him to pay it back when he could.  he laughed and said, yeah, 7 years later, i still ahvent talked to them and paid them back. but he loves his family. he has two kids, a 3 yr old and a 2 yr old. they both can speak spanish and english. it was awesome. but we just talked and then we had to leave. but we went back sunday and met him outside again with his wife and kids. they are catholic. but we talked again for awhile. their dog got hurt or something and was moody. yeah... we tried to feel what was wrong.. good thing the dog had dull teeth. it was a smallish dog too. idk the breed. but Brownie is a cute dog.  its funny, we were talking with him and he joked about there is an easier way to fix it then going to the vet.. we had a good laugh and the wife just stared at us and shook her head but chuckled. 

i suppose, if you have read this far, that you are curious if i am switching missions or whatever you wanna call it. well, transfer calls were last night and it was a good experience. the experiences this week i had and just feelings i have had the last couple weeks, i could feel what was going to happen. but i also knew that the Lord has His own will and could change my course if he wanted. apparently there are people in Georgia that need me!! I am staying in Hinesville for at least another 6 weeks, and from then on, i will be in the Georgia Macon Mission!  I am excited!!  Mom, make sure you put in a good word for me with the Cottles :) since they are going to be the ones that will take care of me now for the next two years. and also, can my plaque at the church be changed or will i be able to get another one? :) i am excited though. im feeling, since i am released from the mission field 14th of april, 2015, im feeling augusta the first week of april? yeah.. we will see what the lord wants of Tiger Woods! i even wore my Tiger Red last night for transfer calls. 

i know this is long but hey, its how i do. i may switch how i email up a bit. but we will see. i have attached some pictures of this last week!

anyways, until next week!
Elder Bodily

Elder Bodily says this is stereotypical to see an ambulance at the KFC  in the South.
Temp reading shows 100.  Kevin added "with 90% humidity!"

His companion, Elder Meiling, as they walk in the rain.

more rain . . .

and more rain.  

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