Monday, June 3, 2013

Time flying? For whom???

Another week has gone by so quickly.. Where is time flying? 
Probably for the plaque, i would have to chose the scripture Alma 36:24. most definately my favorite scripture. 

Thats sad to hear you are going to make Trevor suffer and make him practice! Sight reading music is the way to go! actually, i am slowly playing simplified hymns on a little piano thing we have for family home evening. so i guess i am practicing too. but shhh.. thats a secret. 

So Randi is auditioning for The Voice?! that is so exciting! I bet Hinesville is hotter than Vegas.. Its slowly killing me out here. though i am growing to love the people here. yesterday was testimony meeting. we dont know our mission fate till next week, so i felt i should get up and bear my testimony. i was actually starting to cry.. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME>?!?!  am i going into missionary mode?! but i really am loving the people. the work is slow.. we meet with the same people usually and then occasionally find someone to talk to but have yet to go back and teach an actual lesson.. but thats okay.. we are working on it. we have 3 possible people this week!
Saturday Morning me and my companion were sitting at our desks talkjing about how we needed to find a new investigator. 10 minutes later, Georgetown, an area just north of us, called and had a referrel for us! oh how it was an answer to our prayers. we contacted him and he is just wanting to know God more.. fresh out of prison. perfect for us! so hopefully we can visit with him this week. 

I totally forgot to add something last week, we come to the church and do for an hour everyday and family history.. yeah i found my line back to adam and eve.. i dont think i should be required to do family history stuff anymore. it was pretty great. 

on p-day last week, after emailing, we played volleyball with all the samoans in the ward. wow that was fun. haha me and meiling were on opposite sides. those samoan ladies can get up there and hit the ball! it was impressive. i almost lost my face to one of the spikes. and then we had a feast of food. Sister Matavau makes these rolls with coconut juice under them.. so good. its impossible to describe. 

Friday night we had a ward chili cook off and cake sale. me and my companion along with the bishop were the taste testers.. most of them were good. all different kinds. one of them burned my mouth, not because of the spices, but because it was boiling hot. my mouth is still burned and has no taste buds. oh well. we are going to get otter pops today and just eat those for a long time. 

last monday morning was inspired and also sad. in my personal studies i was prompted to study on "mourning and comfort". i didnt really know exactly why i was. but then i got the email about Dixie passing away and i, i dunno. i just felt peaceful.. it wasnt till tuesday morning when i realized what happened.. 
i read 3 Nephi 12:4, "And again, blessed are all they that mourn, for they shall be comforted." that was really powerful. Then i broke that down into mourning and was comforted. I read Isaiah 25:4, and it talks about how God is a refuge from the storm. and then another one in Romans 15:4, that through patience and comfort of the SCRIPTURES, we can have hope.   It all hit me that tuesday morning when i opened my binder to study, then i realized what i had studied.. it was very humbling.. 

Today for P-day we are going to a western store and check it out. we are just doing random things today. Tonight we are going over to our best friend's/members home and he is going to teach us how to use a Kunai.. look it up. this guy is awesome. I hope i can be here for 6 more weeks just because all my army friends are leaving in october.

Mom, how did you like it when my other friend Marc texted you?! haha. we were sitting there at the chili cook off and i made a joke about the facebook app on his phone and then he got on there added me, and then he had me tell him your number and then he texted you! haha. i told him after you hadnt replied for 10 minutes, "Haha, you honestly probably made her cry!" he is a great guy though. another one of the army boys. 

anyways, im sure i am forgetting a bunch of important, spiritual, and not so spiritual things that happened this week, but oh well. i will continue to work on that.. oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next monday night, the 10th, i found out my fate of whether or not i will be a MACONITE or a JACKSONVILLEITE. we will see. i am excited either way.. though i have a feeling i know what way i am going.. but wherever the Lord wants me, i will go. 

Elder Bodily 

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