Monday, June 17, 2013

A Slow, Hot Week in Georgia

this week was a slow one. part due to news i received, a heat wave that came through and also due to a 4 day leave for the army. which means they get Friday and Monday off for fathers day. it is nearly impossible to plan a weekend when half the people we visit are military and gone.  

Saturday we had a good 15 people we have contacted before that we decided to go back and try to visit again.  yeah.. we figured 15 names, at least 5 would be willing to talk and listen.  yeah.  none.  our day was shot.  we just keep trying to knock doors or call people to try and visit.  still nothing.  all day.  finally we gave in and called a member who we knew would be able to meet.  we just had him as a last resort.  so we called up Marc, and we met at our usual spot. Dave Thomas' place.  i will let you try and figure it out.  so we got there about 6:30 and ate and we talked and talked. we talked about better ways to try and get people to talk to us. we talked about his future plans with his gf. which he plans to marry in december after he is out of the army. he is a great guy. lots of life stories.   

this week was very hot.. we got a text message on our phone from the national weather service, at like 4 o'clock in the morning saying a heat advisory was in affect all day.. our car thermometor got to 105~!!! i was drinking a bunch of water that day.  

this week in my training, we focused on the book of mormon and its affect on everything. it really is the keystone of our religion. it is just an inspiration when i pray before i read with a question in mind, that when i read the questions get answered.  i was actually reading last night and i read 2 Nephi 32:9 and it bore testimony to me exactly that. i need to pray before everything.  and then i read Jacob 4:3 and it added to that. that the scriptures were written for us to become happy.  

yesterday we drove out to the middle of nowhere almost to visit a referrel we got on Saturday. his name is warren dasher. his family is one of the 13 original families in the area. he lives on an 80 acre onion farm. driving through the country and passing the fields and all. i felt so peaceful and all. it was really beautiful. i cant wait for when i actually see my first full cotton field! but this guy, he watched byu tv all the time, he watched conference, he loves president monson. he is so elect. but him and his wife only have 1 car and it is a good 40 miles to the churchhouse. so it would strain him and wife. i was about to just be like, warren. you have to sacrifice the drive and all that to become a member. just wanting it, doesnt do squat. you have to get baptized man!  he was a good ole southern man. he talked slow and had humor and all. didnt have much of a accent though. oh well. but he is a great guy. me and meiling are going to continue to work on him. 

reading some of the books about the gospel in the house, i have found some amazing poems and i have come to the fact that i love poetry. its georgeous!  i have also come to the fact that i love the james bond soundtracts from all the movies. the man with the golden gun is pretty much missionary work if you reword it and all. and top gun is good too. 

anyways, i will send some pictures to my mother now! hopefully she shares them!

I love this gospel,
Elder Bodily

"We finally saw a train!"  (mom's note:  I like the picture within the picture!) 

sunset over a field in the countryside
text message with heat advisory 

current temp

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