Monday, January 12, 2015

Random is right!

I cant believe that it is already another p-day and i have to email yall! oh i mean, i have the priviledge.. haha. just kidding :)  this week was full! spiritual experiences, and lots of fun times too! this is just gunna be a random assortment of things that happened!

Friday our order was ready of some shirts that we made. i got the logo from some other missionary but we finally put it on a shirt! its pretty awesome!! The Dirty South! 

 Thursday night elder beckman and i were out in a neighborhood tracting. it was cold and late, and we were both dressed in our black rain coats. we knocked this neighborhood for like 2 hours.. we meet a lot of people, but the final house the guy opens up and talks with us, then says, yall want some hot chocolate? well sure! anything to get us in the house! haha. it was great. we didnt teach a whole lot, but it was good to connect and feel their spirit. sitting in their home, i couldnt help but feel the spirit. a simple home but the spirit was strong already. the hot chocolate wasnt really that hot, it was luke warm at best. haha.  of course, now its Monday and i've had a cold ever since then! haha. oh well. 

Saturday was just great. We had a meeting in Macon with Elder Neil L. Andersen. It was incredible. words really cant describe the emotions felt there and everything that he taught. It was just so powerful. afterwards practically the whole mission, so 230 or so missionaries went to the macon mall. wow.. haha. so many white shirts and ties and dresses. it was great though. to be able to see my old missionary friends. Towards the end we all gathered together and sang a couple songs! it was pretty awesome.  

Afterwards we came back down the interstate and stopped in Adel and swung by a members house. he was chopping wood. well, using a 22 ton log splitter.. haha. so awesome!  after that we took a Krispe Kreme donut to a part-member family, he is like 75. oh he loved that! haha. he is a hoot. a stubborn old man that reminds me of grandpa harold! 

Sunday night, elder beckman and i had one of the most spiritual lessons i've been in, in a long time. it was with two people we had previously met, just hadnt caught them lately..  once again, words cant describe my emotions there. we were able to bear testimony of everything in the gospel.  they had prayed that very day that someone would be sent to them that would guide them and answer their questions! It was incredible.. it truly was a miracle.  

well everyone.. we have transfer calls this weekend.. i cant believe i have only 3 months left.. time is flying. 

 i love you all! 
Elder Bodily

He did say this was random . . .

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