Sunday, January 25, 2015

Transfers and Goodbyes

hey yall,  sorry this email is getting to ya on Wednesday. a bit later than usual.  SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED THIS PAST WEEK. I got transferred again, which was a shock to all of us..  

I got the package from ivy, I loved it! Teancum is grown up so much! I cant wait to see that kid. 

Saturday we went over to a members house and may or may not have joined him in the woods hunting down squirrels. now that dear season is over, he wanted to show em who is boss! so we did! it was great! haha.  we then went back and skinned them! since I got transferred, I wont be able to taste of them.. 

Saturday night we ate at a members house, and while we were talking before dinner we heard and felt this loud BOOM! it literally shook the house. so crazy.. but they didn't even worry. as we were sitting down at the table for dinner, I looked out the front window and saw like 4 sheriffs go by, yet the fam still didn't worry about it. haha, life in the country I guess.  

Sunday was just.. well, incredible.. one of the girls of my family down here spoke, that was awesome to hear on my last sunday. also David White from the Pearson Ward spoke.. I've missed that man. he gave the same talk as when we spoke together last year for Easter. it was so powerful..  one of the hymns we sang was 'Put your Shoulder to the Wheel'.. David doesn't like that song.. that song to him is like, Love at Home for Dad.. just doesn't happen. so as we were all standing and singing, we made eye contact and laughed.  

The rest of the day was filled with goodbye's and heartache. started with Brother Hampton, the man who reminds me so much of grandpa Harold.. As we walked in, he already knew the news, and I could see on his face he was pretty sad.. In their backyard I noticed their well pump was spraying water.. that's not good! 3rd time in 2 years they said. dang.  next we swung down to see Sister Willie Mae Simmons, the 86 year old that was baptized. She had moved down to her sons house.  We didn't warn her we were coming and she had no idea about transfers, but she was understanding. I love that woman so very much.  

Next we went off to the Burton's. They were having a karaoke and kindof goodbye party I guess. but it was planned before we all knew.. we went over and their power was out! oh bless it..  so we went out and took pictures! it was awesome! so much fun.. Thank you Sister Burton!  we went back to the house, and power was still out, so we all loaded up and went over to the Warren's and did the karaoke! so much fun..  

Monday wasn't any easier though we were relaxed when we got pedicures. don't judge. it felt AMAZING! Haha, probably one of my new favorite things. I aint even gunna front about that. haha.  We went to the Warren's again to say our final goodbyes.. Ugh. That is my family! We got there in time to finish splitting some wood they were doing. Inside we talked a bit and just kinda dragged out saying goodbye. no one wanted to.. all my emotions were kept inside.. I just wasn't able to cry on the outside.. I don't think that is a good thing. not at all.  

well transfers happened! I am now in a area called Waynesboro. there are 6 elders in this ward and 2 sisters, but we all have our separate areas.. My greenie is Elder Sutton from SLC. We whitewashed this place.. talk about adding stress to the situation.. and talk about adding more, when we got back, the members whose trailer we live in, yes we live in a single-wide trailer out in the country! apparently the last missionaries left it a mess and so the member cleaned up as much as he could. but the paperwork wasn't really upkept either.. so joy..  I am excited though.. through all the stress, from my study this morning and talking with president yesterday, I know this is where I need to be.. out in the country with my greenie for the last 3 months of my mission.. the Lord sure knows how to humble me to help me stay focused.. 

I love you all. here is my new address!

Elder Bodily
1038 Bennock Mill Road
Augusta GA 30906

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