Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blood Moon and a Marine Graduate

I really dont know where to begin with this week.. It was all over the place.. good and the bad of everything.  

Tuesday morning we got a call from a less-active, saying that her nephew, Don, was in the hospital, and that they found a brain tumor.. it put a damper on our spirits.. so we went and visited them. he was still himself. We gave him a blessing.. he is only 31.. it was very heartbreaking, but as of today, he is out of the hospital, and they did surgery and removed 85 percent of it. so that was amazing to hear. 

Wednesday morning there was a blood full moon with an eclipse. it was awesome. 

 Thursday we had zone training meeting in Hilton Head. Us four elders were asked to do a training on proper etiquite while eating and visiting members. it was awesome!! we did it lord of the rings themed. its too big or i'd send it home.. 

Friday we went to the graduation of one of our recruits, that was such an awesome thing to witness again. someone i have seen change so much, and now he is a United States Marine. 

Saturday we had a mini mission with one of the Priests in the ward.. that was awesome. our priests name was Landon Morgan. In the morning we walked around the farmers market here. that was awesome.  afterwards we helped a guy in the ward move and then after we went and visited some people and ate dinner at the 2nd councilors house.  throughout the day i felt it could have been a lot better, like we didnt do a whole lot to show him about a mission. but Sunday, after parris island, we made it back just in time to hear him get up and bear his testimony.. it was very touching.. He got a lot more out of it than i realized. 

Sunday at parris island was incredible, once again.. Elder Turnbull came over with me. sacrament and Sunday school was just amazing. after church. recruit hammann came up to us and it made everything worth while. he said that he had thought about joining the church after boot camp, but he realized that he shouldnt put it off.. he is going to get baptized in two weeks.. Words cannot describe how i felt..  not too mention that it was my half birthday. :)  

this morning we hit up the beach to catch the sunrise.. it was pretty awesome.

anywho, i love you all.  
elder bodily

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