Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stop Hunger Now and Baptism

what a week it has been. I dont even know where to begin! it has been amazing. on thursday and friday we were helping out at a local school where a couple members work, Riverview Charter School, we volunteered at a Stop Hunger Now drive. it was incredible. a big truck brought all the supplies, dried soy, dried veggies, rice and other things, and throughout the day on friday students from the school measured, filled, and sealed the bags, and all the missionaries were at the recieving spot and we put them all into boxes. it was amazing. each bag was 6 meals, and we filled enough for 40,000 meals!! it was huge! the drive was so organized and went smoothly. it was great. 

after all that on friday we rushed over to parris island because the sisters were teaching one of the recruits with special permission and elder haynie interview her. there was supposed to be 2 that came to be interviewed for baptism, but she couldnt come at that moment. she chose me to baptize her, because i demonstrated how to do it with one of the other elders. (unknowing to her, i had never baptized anyone before!!)  that night i was pacing back and forth so much.. i was nervous! i prayed for help and strength. i was able to fall asleep not too late. come sunday morning, we all went out to parris island. the other girl came and was taught by the girl that was able to make it, and was interviewed before services, the sister missionaries were planning on that, so they had clothes for her too. it was an amazing experience.. standing in the water for the first time baptizing someone.. it was very powerful. i was nervous that i wouldnt say the words correctly or not get them all the way under, but as it happened, i know i wasnt alone as i did those baptisms. the Spirit took over. It was so amazing. before we went into the other room, an investigator of the sisters, who is a drill instructor, walked into our room. the room went quiet and the recruits attitudes kinda changed. but when they saw him all friendly to us, they eased up a bit. It was great..  during sunday school, one of the male recruits we have been working with, was interview for baptism and, at first asked another recruit to baptize him, but he is only a deacon, not a priest yet. and so he then chose me to do it.  once again, i was humbled..  i love the marine recruits so much.. 

also this week, the spanish elders play volleyball in ridgeland (about 30 minutes away) with their spanish branch members and some of the english ward members. they play every tuesday and thursday, and a week ago, a local high school girls team went over and invited them to play them so they could prepare for state! so this picture is of them playing at the high school, where they played at. to say the least,, these missionaries and 40 yr olds kicked some butt haha. 

this week was, like i said, it was amazing.. words really cant describe everything, and im sure i've forgotten stuff, but at least i have my journals to read it over and over..   i hope yall have a good week!
Elder Bodily

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