Monday, July 28, 2014

Almost Hit By Lightning ~ and They Made the News!

Well another week has come and gone. This was a good one. Not too much happened though, but what did happen was awesome! 

Wednesday we went over to Ridgeland for their Pioneer Day Celebration. That was a blast! It was my first Low-Country Boil.. wow.  That was amazing!  Why haven't I had this yet!?!  

This whole week its been the Beaufort Water Festival here.. We were able to volunteer selling t-shirts Thursday and Friday!  Well, Friday it stormed.  Hard.  The links attached talk a little about them.. That's my companion on the left side of the screen, in the first one, and then us in the second one too!  We made the news! haha.  It was incredible.. I was soaked.  We all were!  Lightning everywhere!  It struck probably 30 yards from where we were.   It hit a boat's mast. 

************(Kevin's MOM here:  these are the links to the two news reports on the weather at the celebration he and his companion were at.  They are right at the beginning of the one clip, to the left of the screen - if you hit pause, you'll see them.  The second one shows them carrying a broken white tent away - again, pause as soon as you see that on the left side and you'll see Kevin's goofy grin!)*************

I suppose the highlight from this week was again church with the Marine Recruits.  Recruit Tanner Jones is always growing so much.  We went over the commandments and he was already understanding and everything.  His friend is doing most of the teaching.  We also had a new recruit come to church with us.  He isn't a member,  but wow...  he is incredible.   He expressed his emotions of going to boot camp and looking for something.... and needed guidance in life.... and he understood the reasoning for the Word of Wisdom and all the commandments!  We also went over the baptismal interview questions for Jones, and yeah.. he is ready!  He told his mom and the other nonmember recruits who have stopped coming to church that he is converted!  It's awesome.   

Well, I tried to make some peach cobbler on Sunday..... it didn't quite work.  I always knew I wasn't a chef.. oh well haha.   

Today we went to an old fort here on one of the islands!  It was kinda crazy.. not too much to it.  Just over 100 yrs old.. oh well haha!

Well, I love yall!  Till next week!

Happy Birthday shout-out to Jet on Saturday!
Elder Bodily

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