Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another week in Paradise ~

This week came and went. I'm really not quite sure where it went..... I guess into the past. 

(As his mom, I noticed the sister missionary standing very close to Elder Bodily . . . )

Main things this week I guess were church on Sunday at Parris Island. Recruit Jones is still coming strong!  We have talked with him a little bit about baptism and all, but we didn't feel quite right yet about inviting him.  Well, yesterday, during Sacrament Meeting, he opened up the Book of Mormon and was reading. after, he came up to us while getting a drink, he said,  "I've started reading, and I'm game."  I was like, whaa?  Haha  It was incredible!  And then after church, we were talking with him and setting up when, and his buddy, whose a member and a huge help, came over, right as we set August 10th.  His jaw hit the floor haha.  

I am continually impressed and changed every week at church with the Marine Recruits.. The spirit is so strong there.  

Another amazing thing that happened this week, we got a call from a less-active early in the week that we hadn't met before.  Well, this week we have grown really close to him. He is awesome. Bro Hankins has been through a lot.  We were humbled when he asked for a blessing and then he was in tears and gave us hugs.  

Funny experience this week as we were visiting another less-active man.. well... he fell asleep as we were reading scriptures with him.  The weather has been changing a bit, storming more, and he was sleepy. I don't blame him haha.   

So Saturday we had a once in a lifetime opportunity.  We had dinner with a family, the wife is active, the husband, not so much, but still very nice and open.  After dinner he asked if we wanted to go on a drive around the plantation.. the next 2 hours still feel like a dream.. It was incredible. the 8,000 acre private land is owned by the 4th richest company family in the nation.  In that 2 hours, we saw probably 30 deer.  It was just incredible. Also, he showed us the boss's boat... that thing cost $60,000!  The tower in the picture is for remote controlled clay pigeon throwing.. lucky...   

I'm sure we had experiences I'm forgetting about, but that happens. 

love yall!
Elder Bodily

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