Monday, February 3, 2014

Call that a storm? and the Heavens.

This week was a strange one. That is for sure.. 

Tuesday we had a district meeting and then we were going on exchanges. so we grabbed lunch at mcdonalds, and well, we saw a storm coming in. Well, we thought, it will just blow over. Jokes. We get back to Cordele, me and Elder Call, who is from Montana. and it starts to rain pretty heavy and we get a text from the Zone Leaders saying that we are going on lockdown cuz of the weather. so that was at like 2 o'clock on tuesdaywednesday morning we woke up and there was a little snow on the car and leaves, but mainly just ice. but we were on lockdown all day.. joy! But it was alright, we survived.. even if Pizza Hut wasnt delievering.. oh well. and then thursday came and we were on lockdown half the day till it warmed up.. man. that was a trip.. haha. oh well. it was still a good time.. 

my only really good experience of the week happened yesterday. 

Man, i just love testimony meetings. especially in Cordele. We had 12 people there, and practically everyone bore their testimony, it was a beautiful feeling.. i gave the lesson in sundayschool on the Creation and how powerful God really is.. It was a good lesson. and then we drove to Americus Sunday night. Man i love that drive, i just love the country. No city lights to ruin the sky.  we were on this road, with noone around us and i just had to stop and look up and look at the stars and the sky.. it was beautiful. It made me think of how small we really are in this life, yet we mean so much to God that he gives us free agency and anything we ask for really.. I dunno, it was just a beautiful moment in my testimony building process...  I love this work so much, the book is blue, and the gospel is true.  I hope yall have a good week! 
elder bodily
ps. thats the pitbull we finally became friends with :)

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