Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Old People, Gunshots and Scriptures

Well. this week was a quick one, a good one, and then it was ruined by Valentines Day, and then made good again Saturday!  This week was really all over the place.  On Monday we were sitting at a hotdog shoppe and then this man came in, got his dogs, and then sat by us and talked. We had met this man before at Burger King, about a month earlier. He thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses then, and again this time. but we cleared it up and talked with him. We got a return appointment for that night. and when I tell you I was humbled by where he lives.. I aint lyin. But Scott was a great man. We first started talking, he asked, "so whats the meat of your gospel?"  I was like, uhh.. the Spirit was so strong there. He has lived on the wild side, but now trying to fix it all. We talked about Thomas S. Monson, and he asked, well more said " if his middle name was Scott, cuz if it is, I have no doubt he's (i forgot the word he used) cuz my brothers middle name is Scott and he's a preacher."  I was like, I see.. haha. But he is a good man. 

We really had a lot of good lessons and experiences, just no one willing to commit to baptism yet.. oh well..  

Another great lesson we had was with a lady named Vernet. This lesson happened on Valentines Day.. But it was a really good lesson. She said she had studied with the JW's that morning, and was willing to study with us! So hopefully that goes somewhere. 

Good news though? She sells Girl Scout Cookies.. I found myself a drug dealer..  also Friday we helped Brother Pryor put together his valentines gift for his wife. that was fun. even though its valentines day.. boo. 

Saturday was good. Happy Birthday Dad!  We celebrated by going to the Nursing home and spending a couple hours with the old folks doing activities. That was fun :) I seriously love being around them. We are going back this week, the best part? We can have the same conversations and they will enjoy it just as much! 

Another great lesson we had.. we had Terrance out with us. He is a returning member. He knows the street life. Well, knew it. He's changed. But he called up his buddy and we went over.. well, Michael lives in the 24th street projects.. the area where we heard about 8 gun shots last night. but thats no matter. :)  But Michael is a good guy. We are just helping him understand..  and imagine Julio Iglasias, yeah. thats Michael.. ahhaha. i love it. 

Weird to think that today is my 10 month mark.. boo. i love the southern people too much to leave. even if they reject us.. you cant help but love them. 

I will send pics later. I forgot my camera.. hope all is well!! I love you all.  

Aahhh, some of my favorite scriptures this week.. 1 Tim 4:8 and then 2 Cor. 10:10


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