Monday, January 27, 2014

Stake Conference, Cookies, and Friends with the Dog

Highlights of the Week:

We had stake conference this weekend, which was amazing! we had the adult session in Columbus, which was just great. The whole theme was on Hastening the Work, and the speakers added that we need to finish the work, and its so true! Our Stake President's talk was on the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead, and how sometimes we see less-actives as a lazarus and think there is no help in trying but there always is, and how we are all Lazarus's at some point in our lives and how we all need help being unbound by things. 

John 11 really is an amazing chapter.. i love it. I just love the bible.  

one of the other speakers shared a video from the "Hastening the Work" Webpage, it was the video on "I'll go where you want me to go", man that video really brought me to tears.. 

when we pulled up to the stake center, i couldnt help but notice this beauty in the parking lot..   

Sunday, we had a regional broadcast originate from Orlando, where Elder Russell M. Nelson spoke. Man, he is a hoot! he spoke on the heart.  one of his opening lines was,  "Well, President Uchtdorf can make airplane jokes, and i can make jokes about hearts!"  It was really great.  The Spirit was so strong there.   

Earlier this week we were out in this neighborhood with lots of trailors, we were planning on going to the far one and just start our way back, but i felt that we should stop at the first one instead.. well, turned out, Burt Shorter is such an awesome man with many of the same beliefs as the church! we talked at his doorstep for like 5 minutes, about small things, about how important the family is, but the world is falling away from that and everything, but then he asked, how long do you guys have? and then he invited us in and we talked for about a half hour more! It was really great! we are really excited about him.  

i think the highlight of the week though, we were visiting with our gator Tomario and our member Kenneth while they worked on Mario's car, and we were tired of the dog barking at us so we just stood there and stared at it, and threw pinecones at him, and then he started to play and now we are the best of friends that anyone could have..  i'll get a picture this week with him :) 

I also made oatmeal raisin cookies this week.. yum! 

well, till next week yall!
Elder Bodily

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