Monday, January 13, 2014

What a Week!

hey yall!

What a week it has been!  With the transfers and me getting my new companion has been one great experience! My trainee is Elder Bartholomew! He is a great missionary already and i am so grateful to be his companion! Things are going to click with us because we have so much in common! 

this week was a great one. we had some really good lessons. one of them in particular was on saturday. we visited with a recent convert/less-active lady. She is solid, but just confused and some things.. our lesson was the plan of salvation and it was such a strong lesson. the spirit was there, and so was the storm. during the lesson, the heavens opened up and downpoured. thunder all over.. during the lesson i felt the phone go off, but oh well.  after the lesson, i looked, yeah.. there was a tornado watch in georgia.. hehe that was cool. so we rushed to the apartment and just hung out for a while till it past, and after, we went walking.. boy. that was a weird idea.. we walked about 15 miles.. yeah.. crazy.. and the skies were clear when we started, and then they got dark again, but no storm luckily.. we were quite a ways away from home..  

really i dont know where to start with this week and all the experiences we had. there were so many i cant keep tract of them.. good thing i got my journal though..  

the girls in pink, are the daughters of one of our gators.. they wanted to say hello to everyone :) 

sorry its short this week..  crazy to think this week is 9 months for me..  anyways, i love you all, even if you're upset that this is short, oh well! thats life.. 

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