Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gator Tails and Great Lessons

hey yall it was a good week here! 

this week we met a lot of new people and were able to turn some old potentials into investigators! One of them is Danny. He has a large family, and has known the missionaries for a while. We have had some good visits already with him. One night we knocked on his neighbors door and he was very nice and said we could come back. so when we went back, Michael was very welcoming! He is probably early 40's with a wife and 2 young kids. He said he had known Mormon missionaries before and had read the Book of Mormon cover to cover a couple times before.. wow. haha. so it was easy to talk to him.  

On Thursday we had Zone Conference up at the stake center with President Cottle. It was really good! It was very bitter sweet though. President had all the departing missionaries bear their testimonies.. wow.. it hit me once again. Along with that, The church is doing a new initiative, like the Christmas stuff, but for Easter! it was awesome! we got a sneak preview of it. 

Friday night we had a great lesson with our part member family, the Wilson's. We talked about the priesthood and her feelings of past experiences with the missionaries and she asked for a blessing for some health things going on. It was very spiritual. Her husband gave the closing prayer.. his first prayer in a very long time he said.. it was incredible.  

Saturday The Musgrove's, who live behind us, took us to a restaurant for dinner.. wow. ya know how I talked about wild game cookout? yeah, well this restaurant was a civilized version of that, kind of. but just seafood.. I forgot my camera on the trip, and I'm heartbroken. but they ordered this platter that had a ton of stuff.. catfish, perch, scallops, crabcakes, boiled and fried shrimp, GATOR TAIL, and some other stuff, oh man, it was so good! and they had unlimited grits and hushpuppies.. I was in heaven. but like I said, I have no pictures of that.. but I do from last weeks wild game dinner.  

On Sunday we had a good day. it rained all day and we were trying to achieve one of our goals of member present lessons.. we were struggling, and I honestly wasn't too bummed about not hitting it, but Elder Sutton was trying. we tried calling one family, but no answer.. I just decided to drive around. a name popped into my head, Jenni. She is a friend of some members who we had helped move almost our first week here. well she said she was gunna make us some ties from this horrid design of some curtains.  as we pulled up to her house, the member was there! we knew it by the Idaho license plated van.. it was a miracle. We had a really good conversation with them and made our goal!  

so yall know how we live out in the country? well, guess who came knocking on our door at 10:30 in the morning on a Friday! the Jehovah's Witnesses. I was shocked. haha. They were very nice and respectful, and so was I. I got invited to their "Sacrament Meeting" but I wont be able to take it.. dang. that's okay though. 

I found a new love.. Fluffernutters!  Peanut Butter and Marshmellow fluff sandwhiches..  and also I bought me 
some heaven in a carton. that ice cream is incredible!! 

Well, I hope yall have a good week!

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