Saturday, April 11, 2015

A late post from March ~

hey yall 

It was a week full of ups and downs. we have some really great investigators here right now.  On Tuesday we had an 80 yr old member come out with us for our High Priest exchange, we went and visited Jr. It was an incredible lesson on the importance of church and the spirit. The member bore a powerful testimony and was involved the whole time! It was perfect cuz our investigator really admires Navy men and the member we had with us was an old Navy man!  

On Wednesday we went and visited our family, the Wilson's. They told us that Josh (the husband and member) had to be to work quick so we only had like 20 minutes to visit, but that's all that was needed. When we got there I could feel something different. As we got to talking, Laura (the wife and nonmember) told us that she had quit her job and that it relieved a lot of unneeded stress in her life. She talked of how now she could focus on the family at home and her 'motherly' responsibilities and her husband can continue with his duties. The spirit blew me away. She was talking about the Family Proclamation and I don't think she realized it, or maybe she did and that's why all this was happening! Later on we asked about Alma 32, which we had left with her to read. She explained it so beautifully, she understood it! It was so powerful. They told us that they were gunna go clothes shopping for church! Oh I was excited!   

On Friday we saw Jr again and we had an amazing lesson with him about the Word of Wisdom and church and baptism! We put him on date, and then talking about church we were planning on setting up a ride for him. Well after we said our closing prayer and were getting ready to leave, his mom who doesn't neccessarily like us, came around the corner and said, "Jr. you cant miss community service again or you'll go to jail." .... uhhh well shoot. this is awkward.. haha. we slowly had to leave..  

On Saturday we helped out the member who we live by do yard work all day. All 6 elders and him were moving tree limbs and Roy, the member, was going crazy with the chainsaw cutting a bunch of stuff down haha. It was so much fun!! 

Sunday after church was the baptism of the Bishop's 8 yr old son, Max. It was a wonderful service! And the Wilson's didn't show up.. it broke my heart. Josh had to go babysit some soldiers that he is over on Fort Gordon. It was sad. 

I cant believe that I only have 1 more p-day after today. It is so surreal... I love you all!
Elder Bodily

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