Saturday, April 11, 2015

Final Week in the Mission . . . .

Hey yall, 

I can't believe that these 2 years are coming to an end and what a way to end it with General Conference and then Fast and Testimony and my birthday next Sunday! :)  it feels like just yesterday I was going to the mtc! 

This past week was exciting! Really the highlight was conference though.. Words can't begin to express how I felt!  I felt like I was taking notes the whole time! Except for the very last talk.. it finally hit me and I dozed off haha, my old age is showing. 

I really don't know how to begin my recap of conference.. The 70's were on it this year. I loved practically every one of them! One of my favorites would probably be the Elder Renlund's talk and how he quoted Shakespeare. "Twas I, but tis not I."  The Atonement can change people! I loved how that was the overall message of conference. The Atonement and Easter, and families!  I loved Elder Ballard's talk from Priesthood Session.. I cant wait to be a RM, and not "Retired Mormon" haha.   

Other than conference being a spiritual high, we also had a very spiritual lesson with the Wilson's. Laura has come such a long way.. when we got there, she talked for like 10 minutes straight just on her experience of starting to read the Book of Mormon and the spirit she felt. She told us as she was reading, it was like a conversation she was having with someone! And Elder Sutton pulled out the scripture where Moroni says that he is talking to us from the dust!  She explained how she has had a change of heart and knows she needs to do this with an open heart and have true faith. She understands faith without works is dead!  She talked of her experience when she was 17 when she was saved in the Baptist church.  She explained how at the time she felt it was right and a good thing, but now that she has felt the Spirit from the Book of Mormon and us, that she has been rethinking everything that happened before. It was so powerful!  

Afterwards, on the road to the church, we had about 20 minutes and I was silent.. it hit me that I love them so much, but I probably wont see them progress too far while I'm here. But I know the Atonement is working in their lives! 

At the church we played basketball with the elders quorum.. Those 30+ yr olds know how to play! But Elder Holt, Bingham and I  taught them the ways of youth. It felt so good! haha. 

Well.. I'm sure this email isn't really an ideal one for someone going home in a week.. but oh well. I've never been one to be normal.  THE MASTERS ARE THIS WEEK!! AND TIGER IS PLAYING!?!? WHAT KIND OF MADNESS IS THIS?!? MY LIFELONG DREAM IS JUST UP THE ROAD. like, honestly.. and we have a meeting up in Augusta on Thursday!!!  Oh this is going to be torture..  

Well everyone, I have loved being in Georgia and South Carolina for these past two years.. Words will never be able to express my love and appreciation for the Southern Hospitality and culture.  My home email is Email me or find me on facebook, Kevin Bodily :)

I love yall!

Elder Bodily

The last of the Florida Jacksonville Mission missionaries in the Georgia Macon Mission.

Augusta Zone Conference 2015

President and Sister Cottle,  Elder Bodily
Georgia Macon Mission 2013-15

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