Monday, August 19, 2013

Meeting an Apostle

Hey y'all.

This last week has been a crazy one! We have been out hitting the doors trying to find people to teach. And we have had some success! Even though it rained every single day, but hey that is alright! Actually it rained everyday except for Monday! We were able to get our golf in! that was so much fun! haha!  but yeah, we were able to find 8 new investigators this past week! it was awesome! the rain works miracles for two men walking around in it! haha.  

so tuesday and thursday night me and elder paxson went on splits with some elders in the ward. it was really cool. a good experience. but thursday night, the 2nd counsellor in the bishopric asked us to talk in sacrament. joy haha. and the third person didnt show up, so we had to talk for the whole time. good thing im a Bodily and i just can ramble on about anything. but i spoke on accountability. so i just rambled and rambled haha. and we had a full house! i was surprised. the ward is getting so strong here. almost all the military guys are getting back from afghanistan.  

but anyways, thursday we got a text from the Zone Leaders.. they said we had a mission conference in Columbus and that an Apostle was going to speak to us... yeah, on Saturday, we rode 4 and a half hours across the state. and Elder Neil L. Anderson was going to speak to us! I was awestruck. He shook everyone's hand. It was so powerful. i was able to shake the hand of a man who has seen the face of the Resurrected Christ. i was thinking about it. The hand i touched probably has touched Jesus Christ. how humbling is that?  He was a stake pres in tampa florida and so he knows how the south is.  i hadnt really thought about it before, but I am in the Bible Belt. and yet i hardly know the bible. but i know the Book Of Mormon is true.  Elder Anderson spoke of patience, with the companions, with the work, and most importantly, with ourselves. He talked about how it will take probably our whole lives to really understand the experiences we have out here and the impact it has on people. In the moment the work is slow, but for the eternities, it accounts for more than we could imagine. he told us straight up that this is not an easy mission. how true that is..   

My testimony grew so much in that one day of being in the same room as him. and to think, on my 4 month mark my whole mission changed. again. 

im sure there are more experiences i have forgotten to email again. but oh well. get used to it. 

through the experience on saturday, i have felt the power and love of God in my life, and I Know that this church is true and i Know that Christ lives again.

i love you all!

Elder Bodily

The rain in Georgia is beautiful!

This must have come from the package the Corbett family sent him!

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