Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Today's email:


Hey all! the MTC is great!! i have ate like a king.. three full meals everyday! and i get seconds and triples sometimes.. cereal every meal is a possibility too! yay! i dont even really know where to begin! the package you sent was awesome..  except for the fact there was not a 12 pack of mtn dews or oreos.. its cool though. whatever.. fuzzy peaches, as elder forsyth from canada calls em, work too. but i need the mtn dew to wash them down along with the cookies! 
in my district there are 8 of us, all going to jacksonville! 4 elders and 4 sisters, but also, in the other district, so in my zone, there are 4 sisters and 5 elders, all going to jacksonville also! i am so excited!! a canadian and a british kid are in our zone, they are hilarious! I am so excited to spend the next two years with them all! i really dont have much to say!
oh yes, apparently i am not a suit guy.. In a week, both of my suits have a small hole on the seams. dont ask me how, everyone says that its just because i am a stud.. whatever they say must be true, right? but really.. both of my suits have a hole in them. it sucks.
Today, we went to the Provo Temple. All i can say is, AMAZING! It was very needed for our district. we have two elders that were having a hard time sunday day/night. we decided to do a fast for them, but towards the end of the night, they were already feeling better. going to the temple helped even more. Our district has gotten very close and we are able to share anything with them! again, i am so excited to spend the next two years with them!!
Tomorrow, we get one district of 10 missionaries. 4 elders and 6 sisters, the elders are going to Orlando Florida and the sisters are all going to Seattle. I cant wait to torment them all, i mean.. welcome them to the MTC!
The bookstore they have hear has practically everything i need. it is perfect. so i am going to get a bunch of stuff before i leave. I think the mail service is a little messed up.. i havent recieved any letters, except for the two packages that you, mom, have sent me! it is kinda bewildering!

i tried attaching photos but it isnt working.. sorry!
i love you all,
Elder Bodily


Summation:  He's still excited and can't wait to hit the streets of Florida!

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