Sunday, April 21, 2013

Surprise Email

I received a surprise email from Elder Bodily today!

Hey! All is well! I am loving it here! That is so exciting for McCade!! that is so awesome!! The only things i can think of that i need are probably just need some more basketball shorts and tee shirts! we can have designs on them, but nothing inappropriate! and also, my roommates and i would all love to recieve a package with a 12 pack of Mtn Dew and a thing of Oreos! and maybe some of Dads cookies! other than that, i will think of stuff and email you again on tuesday! that is my actual p day!
I love you all!
Elder Bodily 


He's still using all exclamation marks.  His enthusiasm jumps off the page!  Apparently he still thinks he's texting, though - the world where all the beginning letters of a sentence are automatically capitalized.

Now that I have his requests, I can't wait to send him a package tomorrow . . . minus the Mtn Dew, of course.

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