Saturday, April 20, 2013

It came!  It finally came!

"Day One Completed!  Only 729 to go!  In my district there are 4 elders and 4 sisters!  All going to Jacksonville!  And there is another full district of 8 going, too!  I can already tell this is going to be amazing!  My estimated day to leave to Florida is April 30!"

"My comp. is Elder Solomon from Rexburg!  Though, he is from the rural part.  I am excited!"

"It kinda kicked in that this is all happening.  I am so grateful for everything you guys did to help me get here.  I know that this mission will strengthen our family's relationship."

"I love you all!
              Elder Bodily"

I think he's excited!  The number of !!! gave it away.  I left out some personal stuff, but I had to share this much.  What a great kid!  (Yes, another exclamation mark!)

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