Monday, May 20, 2013

The Weather in Georgia~


Hey everyone! 

this week has been another up and down week. lots of things on my mind. for the mission we did a thing that we would focus on different aspect of the gospel for each day. for example, one day was sacrifice, another was forgiveness, and another one was service and a couple others. it was really helpful to have a day set aside for that topic and we would focus on it for the day.  on the day focused on sacrifice, it was fun. with the car we drive, we have a miles limit for the month. so on sacrifice day, we put a sticky note over it, "Dont worry about a thing", and it worked for the most part! we stopped in this area and we tracted a bit. we call it the "Dead Zone" because on our ward map and roster, no one lives in this area. it is pretty big. so we tracted this area. we found 5 people and set up return appointments with all them! it was pretty special. it helped out a lot. 
the rest of the week, not so exciting. we were supposed to have two baptisms on sunday. both fell through. apparently the girl has been baptized before but the mom never sent the paper work in. it is all just confusing. we really rushed it haha. could you blame us though?? and then also, our 13 yr old who is on probation, Stephan, we are still working on him, but his family is going out of town for the weekends for the next couple weeks so we had to cancel all those plans. it was a downhearted day. yeah, we lost all three in like a 5 hour span. so we decided to park at sonic and get half priced drinks. yay!  but we have met a bunch of awesome people. they are open to the message so we befriend them and then set up a time to go back and talk more. it is neat. 

we were going through our ward roster looking at less active people we could visit and it took us to this area called "Happy Acres"... yeah, not so happy. it is a mobile home park that each mobile home is colored a different color with designs and yeah... kinda creapy. looks like an area that a horror movie could be filmed in. so me and my companion high tailed it out of there.. 

last night was a special night. It was Stake Priesthood meeting up in Savannah. it was a good experience. it strengthened my testimony of the priesthood and the power it has and the responsibilities that come with it.  but the weather last night was even better. lots and lots of rain. and thunder and lightning. and a tornado warning!! i love it. after the meeting was over, the air was so humid. it felt amazing. it smelled good too. im starting to love it. 

anyways, until next week! I love you all! 
Elder Bodily

Mothers of missionaries should not know of these things until the missionary returns home!

Painted mobile home park . . . (cue creepy music!)

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