Monday, May 13, 2013

Even after our Mother's Day phone visit, he still had plenty to say in today's email:  

May 13, 2013


What a crazy week it has been for me. it has been very hard, not going to lie. but when i get on my knees every night to pray, it all seems to get better. i just need to have patience and realize i cant share God's love with everyone in a single day!
 I got to experience my first real P-Day in the mission field. it was pretty sweet. That night we went to a members house who lives on the army base. he is a crazy dude. part indian, irish, i dont know what else. he is such a cool guy. it was a good stress reliever to throw knives and sword fight with bamboo haha. and learn jujitsu also! these army guys sure know some cool stuff! i have yet to experience real southern food. we had a zone conference up in savannah and afterwards we went and ate at Golden Coral!! oh yeah! but it was a good experience. 
This week we have went around tracted around a bunch of different areas. we are still working with Nate Lyons and Messan Allado and Chris Carter. Nate Lyons is a genius. he reads a bunch. he sat down one day and taught himself how to read korean, arabic, portugese, spanish, swedish, and a couple other languages, all in different days. he is so cool. So nice. we visit him quite often. He has been working on sundays so he hasnt been able to come to church since he was baptized. but that will change next week. him and his sister will be there! Chris Carter is another amazing guy. he is involved with gangs and all that, so we have protection if we need it. we were talking to him about the downfall of the Nephites. and he read the stories of the final battles and the giant slaughters and you could see the pain in his eyes when he talked about it. it was really touching.

also when we were out tracting and talking to people, me and elder meiling saw a man sitting on his porch. so we decided, lets do it. so we started walking up to him and he asked how we were and then we started to introduce ourselves and he interupted us and said, yeah i know, i am a member! wow! sitting on his porch with his sweet tea and cig. butts in his ash pot. it was funny. we had a good talk with him. i saw a pineapple thing around his doorbell and so talked to him about my family having 300 little and big pineapples in our house. he said it was the symbol for southern hospitality. it was cool. and then he gave me and meiling a movie about war veterans and that, sponsered by the church, called "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled". we watched it and learned a lot. so we might show it to the army guys when they get back in a couple months. its going to be awesome. something we learned from that is that the Angel Moroni who is the one of the most spiritual guys in the Book of Mormon, one of the key parts, who is on the temples, was also one of the best army guys around. it was kindof neat to think about that. i wont ever look at a temple again the same..

so in July, there is going to be a new mission next door, the Georgia Macon Mission. it is drawing from the surrounding missions. the Mission Pres and his wife are really good friends with my Mom and Dad. so i feel that i will be switching missions come next month! i will learn on June 13! Either way i am so excited!! 

oh! yesterday, we had two people come up to us. she thought she has been a member and was baptized and all, but apparently not. they had checked with SLC too.. so from that quick hour meeting, because they both have been coming to church for years and know how to live and everything, and are living worthily, we have two baptisms set up for sunday! and then another the following sunday!

oh how the lord works miracles. 

i love this gospel!  
Elder Bodily.

A home flying the Stars and Bars.  He's in the South for sure!

A custom paint job on a Nissan 350 Z.  They visited with the owners who had sanded and painted the car themselves.

An establishment that caught Kevin's attention!
He reported that it was not up to Twileberries' standards!

Where he is currently living.  By mission standards, it's posh!

Kevin's favorite sighting!  Go Cowboys!!

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