Sunday, March 8, 2015

A De-sanctified Catholic Church and a Baptism!

hey yall! 

this week was great. last monday we had a great p-day. we went up to Augusta and walked around downtown and the river walk, and then got a tour of a de-sanctified Catholic church. That was incredible. 

the rest of the week was pretty regular, nothing too huge.  we spent quite a bit of time tracting and trying to find new investigators to teach. 

we had a neat experience on friday. i was on maps and i saw a name of a lady in a neighborhood we had previously tracted. At that particular house before was a middle 20's poly guy who was high. haha. this time, it was a lady who was so happy to see us. she is a member and has been out in hawaii for a couple months. she is connected with some other polynesians we know in the area and the other elders have been working with. well i asked her if she knew a polynesian family down in Hinesville. Oh she was smiling! She definitely knew them! We talked for like 10 minutes about them and how i served down there almost 2 years ago, and she stopped, looked at me and said "I knew you looked familiar!" wow.. she had been down there when i was down there! she asked about the luau they had, and i said i got transferred right before it. It was so wonderful to find a connection like that.  

Saturday was a beautiful day. We had transfer calls, and I will be staying in the Waynesboro ward for my last 6 weeks. I am excited! lets just say, The masters is the last weekend of my mission :)  

We had the baptism of a young large black family in Waynesboro that another set of missionaries have been working with. we have 3 sets in this ward. Its going to be great for the ward cuz they live in the town of Waynesboro. So incredible. On Sunday, the other set of missionaries had a baptism of a 12 year old they have been working with!  That was great too. The work is really moving forward in this ward. Everyone is excited! in a week we had 6 baptisms in the ward!  

well everyone.   i love yall!    have a good week! 
elder bodily

Walk around Augusta downtown ~

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